Chantelle - Lead Vocals/Harmonies

Singer/entertainer Chantelle has performed publicly from the very young age of 6. Her unique voice channels the soul divas of yesteryear put to a back-beat that mixes elements of soul, rock, pop and RnB. Chantelle’s music is as eclectic as it is catchy. Chantelle is an exciting, dynamic performer who made it as a finalist in the 2018 Channel 7's "All Together Now, making it into ’The X Factor’ top 24 girls 2015, receiving 4 yes’ from the celebrity judges. Chantelle also has a T.V. show theme song and TVC acting and vocals under her belt.

Jack - Drums/Sequences/Backup Vocals

Jack is the beat behind Fusion. With 15 years of solid experience in the Melbourne coverband scene, Jack is not only renowned for his drumming, lead vocals, back up harmonies, bass, sequence and guitar. Jacks energetic performance on the electronic drum kit will captivate the audience in every way . A true all round musician and well respected for what he has achieved in previous bands such as Devi8 and Joyride.

Mel - Lead Guitar / Backup Vocals

Mel's smooth sound on guitar is the rhythm that drives Fusion. His 20 years of guitar and stage experience including classical training, melodies on guitar and vocal harmonies have proven to be the perfect ingredients to accomplish the art of a successful coverband. Over the last 12 years Mel has built a reputation that saw him shine in the coverband scene with acclaimed work in previous bands such as Charlies Angels and Karizma.

Glenn - Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals

Glenn has been studying, playing and tutoring bass guitar for over 25 years.With an extensive and diverse background performing most musical styles throughout this time, he has become an in demand bassist within Melbourne's Coverband scene.While locking down the rhythm section with a great live tone and true respect for the original songs, you will definitely be entertained by the level of commitment to his craft!